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Customer Program

JPL - MIRO (Complex Integrated Microwave Assembly)
JPL - MLS (complex Converter Assembly)
AEG - Germany FL-1800 (Electronic Counter Measure)
CSIST - Shipboard Radar Update
Raytheon - SLQ - 32
BAE/Sanders - USM - 406C (Test Set)
BAE/Sanders - USM - 464 (Test Set)
US Navy - SAR - Synthetic Aperture Radar TR Modules
NAVSEA/Envisioneering - SEAPORT-e Program (Tuners)
Lockheed Martin - AEGIS
SEARAM - Rolling Airframe Missile
Brazilian Navy
DSTO Australia
Anaren - Canadian F18
Ford - HARM Missile Seeker
ITT - ASPJ (Airborne Self Protect Jammer) IDECM (Integrated Digital Electronic Counter)
Japan - FSX, Several RWR (Radar Warning Receiver)
BAE/Loral - ALR - 56C (F15 Fighter) RWR
BAE/Loral - ALR - 56M (F16 Fighter) RWR
BAE/Loral - ALQ - 131 (Pod Mounted Jammer)
Turkish F-16 - Front End Converters SPEWS II
DRS - Euro Fighter Test Set
BAE/Loral - ALR - 56V - F15 (RWR Update)
Northrop Grumman - JSTARS
Northrop Grumman - ALQ - 188 (Electronic Attack Training Pod)
Raytheon - ALQ - 142 (LAMPS Helicopter)
Electronica (Italy)
Government of India - Aircraft Radar
DSTO (Australia)
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