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Our Emphasis

AKON has built a reputation for engineering excellence that is evident in every product designed and henceforth, shipped. AKON’s engineering team takes pride in the design, development and sustenance of the most demanding and highest quality RF/microwave subsystems and components for the electronic warfare and space community. AKON hardware designs are targeted for airborne, shipboard, ground and space applications and range form discrete active and passive components, log amplifiers, thru complex subsystems.

In support of its vertical integration goals, AKON has established separate captive departments to design and develop solid state switches, filters, and amplifiers. The charter for these departments is to design components specific to customer requirements, as well as designs for use in AKON subassembly and subsystem activity. In regards to our own internal usage, this strategy enables us to reduce development/prototype times by eliminating customary longer lead-times associated with external vendor procurement. This approach also allows us to analyze component performance quickly and adjust as necessary, as well as controlling cost.

AKON engineers have the knowledge, tools and experience necessary to design, manage development and deliver, on the most technically demanding projects. Their experience envelopes all aspects of the product design and development cycle: appropriate R&D, design and critical analysis, fabrication of prototypes and diagnostics.

Design generation and analysis utilizing computer-based simulation and modeling programs provide an assessment and overview of a specific design's reliability, reproducibility, testability and sustainability. Simulation software reduces the time and cost associated with circuit analysis, while modeling allows identification and correction of design issues prior to a circuit being prototyped.

All engineering effort proceeds IAW AKON’s Quality Assurance Procedures and a dedicated Document Control department to ensure complete project documentation and traceability.

Customer Program

JPL - MIRO (Complex Integrated Microwave Assembly)
JPL - MLS (complex Converter Assembly)
AEG - Germany FL-1800 (Electronic Counter Measure)
CSIST - Shipboard Radar Update
Raytheon - SLQ - 32
BAE/Sanders - USM - 406C (Test Set)
BAE/Sanders - USM - 464 (Test Set)
US Navy - SAR - Synthetic Aperture Radar TR Modules
NAVSEA/Envisioneering - SEAPORT-e Program (Tuners)
Lockheed Martin - AEGIS
SEARAM - Rolling Airframe Missile
Brazilian Navy
DSTO Australia
Anaren - Canadian F18
Ford - HARM Missile Seeker
ITT - ASPJ (Airborne Self Protect Jammer) IDECM (Integrated Digital Electronic Counter)
Japan - FSX, Several RWR (Radar Warning Receiver)
BAE/Loral - ALR - 56C (F15 Fighter) RWR
BAE/Loral - ALR - 56M (F16 Fighter) RWR
BAE/Loral - ALQ - 131 (Pod Mounted Jammer)
Turkish F-16 - Front End Converters SPEWS II
DRS - Euro Fighter Test Set
BAE/Loral - ALR - 56V - F15 (RWR Update)
Northrop Grumman - JSTARS
Northrop Grumman - ALQ - 188 (Electronic Attack Training Pod)
Raytheon - ALQ - 142 (LAMPS Helicopter)
Electronica (Italy)
Government of India - Aircraft Radar
DSTO (Australia)
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